The Plan

The Plan: Two months of unassisted cycling and camping through Belgium, Holland, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic and wherever else our legs may take us.

The Route: Starting in Brussels and flying out of Berlin are the only given at this point. We plan to cycle parts of the Flanders Cycle Route, Rhine River and the Danube River. We will also be using the EuroVelo and regional cycling routes.

Accommodation: WarmShowers website (like couchsurfing for cyclists). We are also planning on staying at campsites, backyards of friendly locals or in the wilderness.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Day 12: Brielle to Zandvoort - 94 km

We arrived at our first ferry a bit early and had to psychically persuade the boatman on the other side to pick us up fifteen minutes before he usually started. On the ride to our second ferry, we raced ahead to get on it as the ferry seemed to be leaving. At my side, Elizabeth doubled over and was coughing; a bee had flown in her mouth and stung her in the throat. Luckily, she was able to push through it and we soon passed through Delft, which reminded me of Amsterdam but smaller and without the sketchy crowd. It had this old clock tower shamelessly leaning at an almost double digit angle.

Next up was The Hague, which was way larger than we expected. It had an interesting contrast of old and new buildings.

We rushed through The Hague on the way to the beach because it was the hottest day of the year so far and encountered our first "hills" which were some pretty steep sand dunes, no joke. After a nice rest and a second set of dunes, we arrived at Zanvoort.

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