The Plan

The Plan: Two months of unassisted cycling and camping through Belgium, Holland, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic and wherever else our legs may take us.

The Route: Starting in Brussels and flying out of Berlin are the only given at this point. We plan to cycle parts of the Flanders Cycle Route, Rhine River and the Danube River. We will also be using the EuroVelo and regional cycling routes.

Accommodation: WarmShowers website (like couchsurfing for cyclists). We are also planning on staying at campsites, backyards of friendly locals or in the wilderness.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Day 17: Dusseldorf to Koln

Our first night of "stealth camping" resulted in our earliest start yet. After getting off the train last night, we directed our bikes toward our first views of the Rhein River and the greenest patches on the map. After a half hour or so of wending our way through the inner trails of a large woodland type park, we finally settled on a clearing that met our camping needs while still being almost entirely hidden from the trail. However, our fears of discovery prompted us to rise at first light and hit the road.

Closer than expected, we made it to Koln by noon although we had told our host that we wouldn't be arriving until about seven hours later. Our first method of passing the time was a picnic and much needed siesta in a nice park. After being rudely awoken by a very sudden rainstorm (thank goodness we were still in our rain gear!), we continued into the center of Koln and hit upon a once-a-month flea market extending a few kilometers along the river. And this was the site of our first German meal: bratwurst! 

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